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Ode to Sexism, Double Standards and Rush Limbaugh

  Ain’t that the truth?! It seems quite impossible to deny the fact that the issue of abortion or contraception would be entirely different if men could become pregnant. I really truly believe abortion would not even be an issue in any election if it was not tied to women’s rights. It seems to be … Continue reading

For You All, Not Todd Akin

  What a week. It has been full of disappointment for me, a huge failure that I see reflected on us all. I am sure all of you have heard of Todd Akin’s remarks: “First of all, from what I understand from doctors pregnancy from rape is really rare, if it’s a legitimate rape, the … Continue reading

According to Paul Ryan…I’m a Murderer

  Oh Paul Ryan…why? As I heard the news of Paul Ryan having the possibility of becoming the next vice president of the United States, my heart fell and my uterus got scared…very scared. Among other conservative lingo and ideologies it came as no surprise that Paul Ryan was committed to the sex hierarchies already … Continue reading

I want to be this 13-year old when I grow up!


This is one of my favorite videos. This girl is so intelligent, articulate and down right kick-ass! She explains it all from slut shaming, rape culture, patriarchy, sex negative culture and ties it all up in a “hold on to your seat” little bow. Mind-blowing because I wish to be just like her one day…completely daring and not afraid to speak up.
She discussed what we all see everyday, living in a culture where women are shamed for their sexual activity, their dress, their mere presence and how worst of all it is tolerated and even encouraged! Well what I encourage?….change and total bad-ass behavior that breaks this culture and its horrible consequences it has on our society.
All in all…love her!

Continue reading

Oh Family Guy, How I Don’t Miss You!

Alright so I know I’m writing about a very popular show with many, many, many viewers. Yes, I was one of them as well; I enjoyed it and watched it frequently. However, I know this has been on my mind for quite a while and I have bored people with my opinions on this issue … Continue reading

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