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According to Paul Ryan…I’m a Murderer


Oh Paul Ryan…why? As I heard the news of Paul Ryan having the possibility of becoming the next vice president of the United States, my heart fell and my uterus got scared…very scared. Among other conservative lingo and ideologies it came as no surprise that Paul Ryan was committed to the sex hierarchies already in existence and wished not only to keep them in place but exaggerate them even further.

His disregard for women’s rights (human rights) was shocking even to me and it disturbed me to find exactly just what he stood for. Pro-life?…I always wondered how that name came to be, because it seems he could care less for the lives of women. I read continuous articles sighting his views and unbelievably unjust stances and it stunned me:

He has not only supported federal legislation declaring that life begins at conception, but also supported the idea that the 14th Amendment gives equal protection rights to “the unborn,” which would make abortion first-degree murder in all 50 states.

—Scott Lemieux, The American Prospect

What!?!?! First-degree murder? Having a woman make her own decision, a responsible-mature-right-for-her-decision is murder? Paul Ryan calls that decision murder. Well, Paul Ryan, I would be in jail because I have had an abortion. It was right for me at the time and…I don’t even need to justify it because it is my body, my choice, and definitely not your business and not up for your judgment based on hate and injustice.

The fact that a woman’s right is being compared to murder is quite disgusting but the fact that it is accepted is a true failure on society. That Paul Ryan can have that legislation to support and have others along with him reflects society…it reflects on us all. And it reflects where we have failed. But it gives opportunity for us all to not let it happen.

According to Paul Ryan…he will win.
According to us…no way!



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