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Just Blame It On The “Feminazis”

Sometimes I stay up at night wondering how I go on with my life without the wise words of Rush Limbaugh, I mean such brilliance can’t be found anywhere else. If it comes from a sexist, ignorant and intolerant  man, you know it has to be valid! But in all seriousness, this man still surprises me with … Continue reading

The New Normal

Amazed. I think that is the only way I can describe how I feel right now after watching “The New Normal” NBC’s new series. At its core, The New Normal is simply about love, respect and acceptance of everyone…with some witty humor entwined in there which I personally appreciate. At first glance, I thought it … Continue reading

Oh Cosmo,Please Think Before You Write!

Because once you know someone well enough, they won’t rape…not like rape occurs in marriages or any other relationship. I believe after you know someone for 1 month and 3 days exactly (not one minute before) it is safe! Hey Cosmo, how about instead of telling victims to be more careful, you tell rapists…not to … Continue reading

Respect For All, Ya’ll!

How frickin’ awesome! These are the types of things that encourage my hope that we are moving forward even if it is in small steps. Check more about the campaign here: http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/09/dc_ lauches_first_ever_transgender_respect_ads.html

Hey MTV, Supporting Violence in Any Country is Wrong

Hey MTV, Supporting Violence in Any Country is Wrong

Really? I am shocked and disturbed by many things in this news. First that such a blog exists (http://www.testosterona.blog.br/) the name alone is quite gross. And then the audacity, ignorance and just plain sickening act to tell men how to rape women? What is wrong with the world? Oh yea, having people and major corporations who support such things!

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