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WARNING: this post is going to be oh-so-very-triggery for victims of rape and sexual assault. I am not kidding. Dear certain conservative politicians: Hi! I’m a rapist. I’m one of those men who likes to force myself on women without their consent or desire and then batter them sexually. The details of…

Tone it Down, Human!

It seems astonishing to me how often we silence the voices of others. How often we say in a polite (or sometimes not so polite) way for people to “tone it down”. To not be so passionate, to not care so much, to not speak up. It has taken so much for me to be able … Continue reading

Seems pretty simple to me! And here comes the “binder full of women” reference: “The 3-hole-punch here is poking holes in women’s rights: desire to repeal Roe v. W, getting rid of Planned Parenthood, and in Paul Ryan’s case, voting against the Fair Pay Act”

Take Back Halloween!

Remember the good ol’ days where Halloween was about candy, pumpkins, ghosts, more candy, witches, black cats, being creative with your costume so no one else had it?…and more candy? Yea I miss that! What really creams my corn (my candy corn!) is the absolute perseverance by society to place women into this category of “all we … Continue reading

Abstinence-Only Education

Needless to say I am an individual who believes in choices…unless some of you missed my previous blogs and ranting. I also believe in education and I believe that education is essential for any individual to make their own choices. Moreover, I believe that our society, education system, government, communities, churches, families, media, etc should … Continue reading

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Supporting Rape Is NEVER Ok

All Love Is Equal

We All Deserve Comprehensive Sex Education!