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Take Back Halloween!

Remember the good ol’ days where Halloween was about candy, pumpkins, ghosts, more candy, witches, black cats, being creative with your costume so no one else had it?…and more candy?

Yea I miss that!

What really creams my corn (my candy corn!) is the absolute perseverance by society to place women into this category of “all we really care about is how attractive you are and how much sex appeal you have”…and this happens just to women by the way. Everyone who has shopped for a Halloween costume can testify to the  infamous stride down aisles and aisles of sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy hamburger (yes this exists), sexy anything…you name it and it can become sexy!

I was not joking about the sexy hamburger. But hey, there is also one for guys….except it is completely different! Huge shock  right? Why must women’s goal be to look sexy and attract men on Halloween?

But a hamburger isn’t sexy enough…let’s just invent more ridiculous ones:

A sexy Bert! All those years watching sesame street, now ruined!

Yes, they really ruined my cute corn joke!

Oh they’re just plain clever, a sexy remote control…a sexy object while we’re objectifying women…I get it. And I am not amused!

Overall I find this consumerist world quite offensive not only as a woman but a human being. It uses the lovely capitalist system in place to only encourage gender discrimination even further. To encourage the objectification of women, transformer them into people (or not even people in some cases) to be looked at and noticed by their physical appearance alone; existing solely for male pleasure. Well, I say we take Halloween back!

Join others in this movement, in the movement of bringing the fun, scary, creative, not objectifying or sexist Halloween spirit back:




One thought on “Take Back Halloween!

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