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Sex Should Be Equal For All

Sorry for my long absence but things have been very chaotic! And now back to business of talking about all types of fucked up shit and how to change it!

Alright, I’ll admit some memes are cute and ones with feminist undertones I absolutely love, however, some are just plain rude and dangerous, encouraging what is wrong with society. Why must we critique, judge and speak down to women who have sex? Yes, I realize it can be intimidating: look at that crazy one who enjoys sex and is not doing so to procreate! Well, we can’t allow that now, can we?

Why the hell not? It is this denial of acceptance that only encourages rape culture, bullying, and decreases sex acceptance and self esteem among others.

It is within the word bank of: whore, slut, hoe, skank, etc that rape culture can come into life or at least be sustained and kept alive. The scariest part of all is that it us who use the language and encourage the very behavior that harms us. It can be a fourteen year-old in high school calling another girl a “whore” for having sex with someone or it can be a well-known radio personality calling a college student a “slut” for trying to obtain contraception. In either situation it is the language, the very word that is the driving force behind a culture that harms women and their sexuality. It is this very culture that says it is OK to rape a “slut”, she likes it anyway right? She had sex with every other guy, so why not?

And let’s not forget the use of such language to directly put women down and demean them. This hits a personal cord with me and I see it in the high school where I mentor as well as the media everyday, I can call it nothing less than bullying. Harassing, intimidating and emotionally hurting a young girl or woman because of her sexual activity or even perceived sexual activity is so common and history can show us the extreme consequences of this language that has even led to suicide. It depicts sex as something negative that will lead to negative responses from others and shaming from society. During this past election, I think we have all seen the messages that are publicized and the words that were used by politicians, highly educated and respected (not by me!) politicians. So why would someone think anything else than, “sex is bad, if I do it I will be judged, I’m supposed to be pure”.

The bottom line is we need to change the messages being conveyed. How can women be comfortable with themselves and their bodies if they don’t feel their sexual desires or decisions are respected? How can they think they are equal if they see the double standard set forth when it comes to men’s sexuality? This leaves us with one alternative: let’s change this shit! Let’s make sure we build a safer space for strong women who can have make their own decisions about their bodies and their sexuality and not have to fear the negativity that drives inequality even further.



3 thoughts on “Sex Should Be Equal For All

  1. Good post. I still scratch my head to wonder at 2012 the world as a whole has to put women in either “whore” or “virgin” as a category-as if its a diametrically-opposed, mandatory system that always applies to everyone.

    I know that movies and television do it.

    Posted by lexikatscan | November 22, 2012, 2:09 am
  2. Who’d want to be a teenage girl right now? The messages sent out by the culture we live in are ludicrous. Make sure you have the perfect body because that’s pretty much all your self worth right there. And be sexy, but not too sexy because that would make you a whore. And don’t dare try to take command of your own sexuality because that absolutely definitely would make you a whore and we will knock you back into your rightfully submissive role if you do.

    Oh, and boys, carry on doing whatever the hell you like. If you go to far it’s fine because ‘boys will be boys’ won’t they?

    Great post, thank you.

    Posted by lacunamalachi | December 4, 2012, 12:18 pm
  3. Thank You!
    Couldn’t agree more, we need to fight this!

    Posted by bennyd10 | December 4, 2012, 5:31 pm

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