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Jenna Marbles Tackles Sluts

And we’re back here again! Back to slut shaming rhetoric…back to the bullshit!

So for those out there, who may not be familiar with Jenna Marbles, she is a YouTube blogger sensation and since I saw her latest video, she is someone who is on my “socially unacceptable” list. Here’s the video for reference:

WARNING: might want to make viewer throw things at screen!

Alright so a lot is going on here…a whole lot of crap anyway. Jenna Marbles seems to be concentrating on some very dangerous territory with possible severe consequences.  Below are just some highlights of the awfulness this woman touches upon.

  1. First she discusses “one night stands” or casual sex where women may not know the person or may have just met them. No crime as far as I know. However, Jenna sees this as dangerous because the person might kill you, chop you up into little pieces or “have 10 roommates waiting to gang bang you”. Alright, those are crimes and not the woman’s fault. For those who read my blog, I may sound like a broken record, but we see victim blaming 101 here! If a woman chooses to have casual sex that is her decision and if any violence occurs, murder or rape, it is the perpetrator’s fault and that is the only person who should be held accountable for their decisions.
  2. Second is her attack on how women define their sexuality or virginity. I particularly focus on how she mentions stupid “slut logic” (one must love her innovative terms). She talks about one girl she knew who didn’t consider herself a “slut” because she only engaged in anal sex versus vaginal intercourse. Jenna is apparently super confused by this and cannot seem to accept a person is entitled to define their sexuality in whatever way they see fit. If a girl (or any other person) chooses to have anal sex, oral sex or engage in any other sexual activity and does not define it as such, it is up to them. It is their sexuality and their business, not yours! NOTE: as a sexual health advocate, I fully promote and advocate for safe and consensual sex, yet I do not push for defining it for them.
  3. Then comes Jenna’s assumptions of women having low self-esteem or being lonely when they engage in casual sex or are “promiscuous”. How about women are allowed to enjoy sex and can engage in it whenever they wish (with consent and safely). Here comes the crazy notion that all women should be monogamous. Hey, if it works for you, that’s great but it may not be for everyone and we should all accept that. Jenna does not seem to be able to do this and instead labels women who do have casual sex as “other” and worthless. How about just accepting that some women just want to have sex, with no relationship, just for the pure enjoyment and that is perfectly ok! Sorry Jenna, girls get horny too and enjoy orgasms with no commitment.
  4. And…there’s more! Jenna talks about women helping other women (sounds good right?) but goes down a very dangerous road. She talks about a scenario in which a girl can be too drunk and not know what she is doing and if you see a guy trying to take her away, you should help and not let her make bad “slutty” decisions. WHAT?!?! THAT IS NOT A BAD DECISION, THAT IS CALLED RAPE! This was just too horrible for me to comprehend…complete and utter rape culture in action. Here Jenna goes on to claim that it is a-ok to rape “sluts”, it is their bad decision after all, right? I guess their “slutty” logic at work.

As much as Jenna thinks, this is just her latest blog about her views and ideas (which is perfectly fine to have) she has to realize she has power to influence others. She has thousands of viewers who listen to her weekly blogs and have taken very risky information from this one. For victims and survivors of rape, she could have made them think it was their fault for what happened. Which IT IS NOT!

The responses to her video show this perfectly:

Randy Richardson18 seconds ago

False rape accusations are so commonplace these days that it’s almost impossible to believe a woman who claims to have been raped. Rape is the easiest crime in the world to get away with, and it’s all thanks to women’s stupidity. Give yourselves a round of applause, ladies.

Yes, someone actually thinks like this. Jenna simply supported his views and proved it is ok to think this way. This is what rape culture does and this is what was encouraged by Jenna Marbles.

We must fight this. We must end this.



5 thoughts on “Jenna Marbles Tackles Sluts

  1. It seems to me that Jenna has lost her marbles (sorry for the bad pun… it was just too easy)

    Posted by windupmyskirt | December 15, 2012, 3:19 am
  2. I pepper sprayed someone who spoke to me once and then followed me home. No kissing, no enticing, no phone number exchange had preceded his actions.
    Other women who defend patriarchy are the worst enemy to other women in society. They keep equality crawling along at a snails pace. They adhere to some archane structure of men “coitus” many women, and women receive only one man. They may argue that “I’m not a polygamist!” But in action and attitude its no better.
    Perhaps we should print up and wear some tshirts that say “Rape is Rape”, but then most people don’t want to read.
    Thank you for posting!!

    Posted by lexikatscan | December 15, 2012, 1:26 pm
  3. thank you guys!
    glad i’m not alone on this

    Posted by bennyd10 | December 16, 2012, 1:37 am
  4. I think Jenna just thinks like most girls do; in the automatic way about these things. It’s not really part of our culture as yet to think in the opposite but ‘slut shaming’ is just the ingrained way of processing girls who have more sex than others.
    She obviously would never condone any sort of rape or victim blaming intentionally so I’ve been struggling to accept it when people have been really harsh on her for talking how the majority do when it has probably just never occurred to her (like most) that there’s a different way to look at things, and looking at things in a new way takes tie and education. And I’m sure she’s learned from it!
    It’ll be a while before abolishing rape culture becomes the new normal.

    It was a poor choice of video but that’s hindsight, and I think it’s best to not attack her ferociously (it makes people back away from the angry voice, and not that you’re attacking her ferociously haha) it’s hard when it’s the norm and you’re trying to challenge that tradition of slut shaming.

    This was my favourite video response! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzB_O_B7-_Y

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog!

    Posted by jessmittens | December 28, 2012, 4:55 am
    • I completely agree that it is very difficult to go against embedded social beliefs and culture such as slut shaming or rape culture but my problem lies with how Jenna went about it. It is perfectly ok to have one’s own beliefs such as her preferring monogamous relationships, Jenna however does not say that is her own personal choice she places it as being better and the only smart choice as opposed to “slut logic”. I also have seen all the good things she has done for women especially young girls and it really upset me that she used that power to communicate very damaging beliefs.

      But thank you!

      Posted by bennyd10 | December 29, 2012, 6:30 pm

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