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Instagram Pictures, Tweets, FaceBook Updates and Youtube Videos…of a Gang Rape

Please take precautions if you decide to watch this video. It is a disturbing and revolting demonstration of the society we have all created in which these kids felt comfortable making a video like this.

It is 5 in the morning over here in Jersey. I am surprisingly very awake and after reading an article I am sickened by what has become of the world.  It most certainly has been an awful week for us all. I’m sure we have all heard of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) not being reauthorized for the first time since the act was passed in 1994. It all sends a message of who we care about, what is taken seriously and what actions are tolerated. It seems this message was received by these boys long ago.

Members of the Steubenville High School’s football team, The Big Red, drugged a 16 year old girl, dragged her from party to party raping her along the way, urinating on her and when finished dropping her off at her parent’s house. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE CREATED.
Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond did all this while Michael Nodianos shot a video along with pictures and staying on top of FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram updates. To say I’m mortified is an understatement and to say that the town of Steubenville cares would be a lie.

Why would they think what they were doing was wrong or that anyone would care?

The coach of the football team blamed the victim, how very shocking! With his logic, the victim was partying and her only option was to tell her parents that she was drugged, gang raped, urinated on and dumped on their front steps rather than tell the “truth” of her shameful partying ways. I mean that would be the go-to excuse for everyone right? I refuse to spend more time on this piece of shit who calls himself a human being. All of this because of football?!

I feel like I’m mourning right now, I’m full of anger and disgusted. These type of actions do not come out of nowhere, it takes a rape culture to raise kids into believing that raping a young woman is perfectly okay and something to be so proud of, pictures should be taken. It takes a society in which victims are blamed that kids can get away with this and be defended after there is undeniable proof against them. It takes a failing society to create a space for these actions to take place.

And a silent one for there to be no justice.



3 thoughts on “Instagram Pictures, Tweets, FaceBook Updates and Youtube Videos…of a Gang Rape

  1. I always think this is allowed to be gotten away with straight up because a lot of men are sexist. End of story. If they wanted to punish rapists they could. They choose not to. Because they don’t want to. That’s the bottom line.
    I won’t watch that video, erm, I’m too frightened to see anything too disturbing as I would never sleep again and fuck those guys for ruining my night’s sleep. They’ve already ruined someone’s LIFE or at least self-worth so I’m not giving them any more power.

    Football culture often disgusts me. The attitude of most of them turns me right off from all of them. I’m sure there are nice guys who play football, but so far I haven’t met them.

    My god, what do their parents think? I think I would actually have to throw my son in a cellar and lock the door if he did something like this. If the courts wouldn’t punish him then I would, then myself for helping create a monster.

    Posted by jessmittens | January 5, 2013, 7:07 am
  2. What must this boy’s mother think of him after watching this?

    Posted by Momlawson | March 17, 2013, 1:03 pm

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