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MLK Day, Inauguration & Assassination?

Hi folks! So apparently when I actually have no school and have free time I seem to decide to go through a break-up and not blog. However, when school starts up and the busy-bee comes I decide to blog, so….I’m backkkk!

Today was MLK day, in memory of a beautiful person who believed in non-violence and love and to this day is one of the most influential people in history having caused change and shifted the world toward equality. It was also the inauguration of president Barack Obama whose message has been (much needed) change. Now, the politics behind this are important to me and is greatly symbolic, however, I was not expecting this explosion of ignorance…I was not expecting this much hatred on such an emblematic day.

I first saw tweets like this on [http://www.classwarfareexists.com/it-would-be-funny-if-obama-gets-assassinated-on-mlk-day-just-sayin/] and was stunned, mostly by the blunt racism and ignorance that this world holds. I’m sorry but this is pure crap! How can people wish someone dead and think it funny…oh yea and think it funnier because he is black? Maybe because we allow it, maybe because we allow people to speak this way behind “free speech” and because we continue to support racism whether structural or not. Maybe because when Barack Obama won the election in 2008 people thought racism had died and society blindly choose to believe it. Maybe because we never really learned what Martin Luther King Jr. had been trying to teach all along. Maybe because no one really listened and refuses to now.

And in the spirit of MLK day I will stick with his teachings. I do not hate these people but am saddened by them  because they will face a great burden. Because one day they will look back at their words and feel ashamed. Because they will never get to feel what true justice is or what acceptance can do.





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