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Just Blame It On The “Feminazis”

Sometimes I stay up at night wondering how I go on with my life without the wise words of Rush Limbaugh, I mean such brilliance can’t be found anywhere else. If it comes from a sexist, ignorant and intolerant  man, you know it has to be valid! But in all seriousness, this man still surprises me with … Continue reading

I want to be this 13-year old when I grow up!


This is one of my favorite videos. This girl is so intelligent, articulate and down right kick-ass! She explains it all from slut shaming, rape culture, patriarchy, sex negative culture and ties it all up in a “hold on to your seat” little bow. Mind-blowing because I wish to be just like her one day…completely daring and not afraid to speak up.
She discussed what we all see everyday, living in a culture where women are shamed for their sexual activity, their dress, their mere presence and how worst of all it is tolerated and even encouraged! Well what I encourage?….change and total bad-ass behavior that breaks this culture and its horrible consequences it has on our society.
All in all…love her!

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